LIfe Update: Clusters and Eyes Oh My

For those of you following this blog…you know I”ve had a pretty rough month and this week hasn’t helped. I spent Saturday through Monday dealing with pain in my neck, shoulders, and eye.  Tuesday I’d finally had enough and went to the ermergency room here in town….which is not known for being useful. I mean to put it into persecptive…when my mother broke her ankle and had a blood blister the size of a golf ball…they wanted to cut her foot off….

Anyway…the Er doctor may have figured out what the GP, eye, ENT, and Allergist couldnt’….though the allergist gets a pass because he may have identified an immunological problem I may have. She thinks my eye pain may be caused by cluster headaches….so she gave me a shot and some pills and the next day ….today…I had to run back to the GP to get more meds because the pills just weren’t cuting it by themselves and had nearly led to a second ER visit.

so hopefully now I’m back on track. For anyone following please keep me and the fam in your throughts and prayers….or send positive energy my way. I”ve had this problem for nearly three years….it’s only become disriuptive to my life since last Nov. So hopefully we will soon have an answer to what I thought was a sinus problem when I go to the Neurologist on the thrid.

On that train of thought I ask forgiveness for any missed punctuation. I’m still having a few issues reading and seeing what I’ve typed. I’ve tried to catch it all, but I’m not making any promises.

So right after this I”m poisting what I intended to post earlier this week and I’ll have another post edited and ready for you all tomorrow as well…baring any more trips to the ER (fingers crossed).

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