The Sparkle in Ostara

Running behind again this week. We’ve had all sorts of doctors appointments and the wee one just started walking. So I’m posting Wed and Fri posts today. Hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful weekend.

Generally celebrated on March 21, Ostara is the Spring Equinox.  The day and night are equal.  It marks the birth of the infant sun God and brings in the warmest season of the year in some traditions. In others it is when the spirit of the young Lord is released into the world, and all life becomes a celebration of the season.  It gets its name from the Goddess Eastre and has to do with the rising sun bringing in the longer days.

It is a time devoted to fertility.  By now, you’ve noticed that a lot of pagan traditions have been translated into Christianity.  Ostara is no different and is most likely the most obvious case we will explore.

Many Christians call it Easter, a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Christ.  Ostara also celebrates rebirth and rejuvenation.  The young God is born to the Goddess and Jesus is resurrected after his sacrifice against sin.  The very name of Easter is derived from the word Eostar, which means eastern star and that word has been traced back to Ostara.

Ostara is the spring equinox as I said earlier, but Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after the Equinox. Seriously….look it up.  That’s also where the egg coloring and the bunny comes from. They are fertility symbols.  Even spring chicks (baby chickens) are a fertility symbol of the season.

Back in the day this was the time in which people would mark or color eggs with prosperity symbols and hide them in the house for their children to find.  Baby chicks are little images of the golden sun, born from eggs, and everyone knows that rabbits mate like mad.

According to Pathos this was also the time of the year in which people returned to eating fresh, rather than cured meats, which is why others say that people of the old religion fasted from Imbolc to Ostara. And as the veggies grew, they no longer had to rely solely on root veggies to survive, which would improve their health and hence, their prosperity.  There are some witches that consider this a very magickal fast as it clears away all the toxins stored in our bodies from the winter months (which works for me because I actually did like lent, it made me appreciate what I couldn’t have).

It may also help that selective fasting can not only help us shed a few pounds, but also can help strengthen our immune systems over the long term.  I haven’t tested this idea of Pathos yet, but I am interested in researching it now that I’ve found it. Next year I’ll have to try to remember to try it and let you all know how it went.

The magick performed this time of year included renewal, balance, and fertility.

And for a random interesting fact….at the exact moment of the solstice, you can balance an egg on its end (the blunt end) and it will stand up for a few minutes until the moment passes (damn you gravity) and it falls over again.

I’m going to stick with this because everything else I found gets into a lot of theories about what could be and I don’t want to get too over the top with theories on the holidays. I try just to include those that seem the most plausible or that are the most amusing….like Odin selling soda in the Yule post.

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