Belt it Out for Beltane

So, let’s back track for a moment.  We started on October 31st with Samhain as the beginning of our year.  The God gives his life for the Earth and everyone mourns. We celebrate the thinning of the veil.  Then on December 21st, we have Yule. From this point on we have two divergent paths depending on tradition.  The first is that the Goddess becomes aware of the life within her womb, and there is a promise of new life. The second is that the God is born and begins the new life.

On February 2nd, we have Imbolc/Candlemas. Either the Goddess’s womb swells with life or the God stirs to survey the awakening world. And to catch up to where we are now, we come to March 21st, Ostara. The young God is born anew or the Goddess and the God celebrate the resurrection of the Earth’s vitality. That is the first half of the year. Let’s move on to the second half.

Beltane, May Eve, Walpurgisnacht, and Baltein are among the names for this holiday.  For me it has always been a holiday of music. Something about this holiday makes me want to belt out a tune, hence the title, and dance around a bonfire. Maybe it’s that I often found myself at a local festival on this day doing just that. May 1st, is Beltane.

It celebrates fertility, love, and life all personified in the passions of the Lord and Lady. Which to me not only speaks of carnal love and passion, but of all the arts. Children born or conceived in this season are often considered Goddess Blessed.  In the old days it was a 24 hour celebration beginning at dusk according to Teaching Witchcraft.

It is one of the oldest Sabbats.  It is about awakened powers and it is the counterpart to Samhain.  It is named for Ba’al, the Mesopotamian God of fire.  It is all about passion, heat, and the cleansing flame of the fire.

One of my favorite things about May Day is the maypole dance. I remember participating in one while I was in England and another at my community circle before the passing of my mentor and the falling apart of that community in the wake of her loss.  Both were such magickal experiences for me. While the women dance clockwise (deosil) and the men dance counter clockwise (widdershins) with ribbons in their hands the music plays.  They weave in and out in various patterns depending on the traditions of the city.

In rural cities they would erect it in the middle of the city or village, as they did at the Manor I stayed at for my study abroad.  In the end the pole would be wrapped in beautiful colors. The village I participated in actually used the log of their Yule tree for the maypole.  It is interesting to note that the scribes and judges of the Inquisition had no problem with this heathen act, after all, it was established tradition.

Still, it might have been different had they known the symbolism behind it.  The pole is representative of a penis. The penis of the God in fact.  And the ribbons rhythmically wrapped around in the dance between males and females of the village is a representation of the God as he thrusts into the Goddesses body.  It is a raising of magick and sprit. It raises our heart rate and the web of life is spun once again.

In addition to this charged energy raised, there is another Beltane tradition called the “Calling in of Summer”.  There are many songs sung and danced to bring in the summer, but the most common version was written by Rudyard Kipling. For those of you who don’t know, he wrote the Jungle Book and according to Teaching Witchcraft he was pagan.

His version of the song goes as such:

“Oh do not tell the Priest of our Art,

For he would call it a sin;

But we shall be out in the woods all night,

A conjuring summer in!

And we bring you news, by word of mouth,

For women, cattle, and corn,

Now is the Sun come up from the South,

With Oak and Ash and Thron”

Regardless, of how you choose to celebrate, be it just a bonfire or a bonnie night out with your lover of choice, I can’t help but to feel blessed on this night and I hope all of you can feel the same, or feel something magickal about it.  To me it is everything Valentine ’s Day should be, but even more, with the passion and fire of the Love between the Goddess and the God energizing the very air.

Blessed Be.

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