Writing the Charge

Last time we talked about the parts of charges and their importance. Today, we’re going to look at some examples of charges, with their parts highlighted and go over some tips and tricks for writing your own.

I’m just going to share a few charges I have written with the different parts marked. The invocation will be in regular print. The promises will be in bold, the challenge will be in italics and the conclusion will be underlined. I’ve also left the speaking parts for our community ritual. You’ll notice that the opposing sex of the deity reads the invocation.

Charge to Medusa

[Priest]: As I light this candle, we honor the great crone goddess, Medusa, also known to us as Anatha, the Dark Mother, Neith, and many other names:

[Priestess]: “I have come from myself. I am all that has been and will be, and no mortal has yet been able to lift the veil that covers me.  I am Mother Death. To have seen my face is to have died and to be reborn. I was slain by my maiden form, Athena the chaste, for fear of her own dark, carnal nature and fear of her future. My blood has been used to both heal and destroy that which is.  I will bring you wisdom, death, and renewal. 

Seek me when you desire change in your life.  Wear my mask when you desire to repel those who may harm you.  Cast it aside when and embrace me when you need courage and support to be yourself in the face of adversity. 

Know me for my strength, my courage, my power, and I will bring to your heart the same qualities. Know yourself, your weaknesses, and desires.  Only through that knowledge can I teach you to stride beyond them either to protect yourself or for self-growth and introspection.  For both are required to move forward in life. 

Be prepared to stand tall or simply fall, for I only help those who help themselves.  Know me for my boldness and that darkness which you may deny. Seek me and I will teach you to embrace that within yourself so that you too can stand bravely against all obstacles, big or small.

I will stand by you in your weakest hour if only you call, if only you open yourself. For in the death of an attribute or habit there is rebirth and growth.  But do not seek me foolishly or you will find more than you bargained for.  For remember, my gaze is stone cold and only those who are true to themselves will be able to withstand my will.”

Notice that this one is fairly straight forward. Each part is essentially portioned out. This is how I tend to write my charges. I’m a keep it simple stupid sort of gal.

Charge to Ganesh

[Priestess]: I call to the God who rides the mouse as his mount conquering the ego and showing his wisdom. He is the remover of obstacles. The God who hears much and speaks little, knowing that understanding leads to true wisdom.  He is the destroyer of vanity, selfishness, and pride, showing others that only they block themselves from their true or desired path. He is known to us as Ganesha, Kangi-ten, Ganapati, Vinayaka, among many others:

[Priest]: “Hear me and feel joy for my presence.  I am the jolly trickster who will teach you the lessons and wisdom of life. It is I who tear down your self-destructive tendencies and rebuilds you anew. It is I that people have relied on to bless their business ventures, homes, and even personal lives. Oh, I know the heart of man and only those with pure intent intrigue my interest.

I will cut unnecessary attachments. I will listen to your woes, no matter how petty. I will teach you to balance and accept both the good and bad that come into your life. See my steed, the small mouse beneath the elephant and you will see that I can teach you to put aside your ego to find your larger purpose. I will teach you to adapt. I can both create and remove obstacles from the lives I touch. I have been known to touch the whole of a beings live and enrich it beyond their wildest dreams.  I am the root of the chakras and I can help you root yourself. No matter my purpose, I will dramatically change the lives of those who call upon me regularly.

Seek me when you find yourself blocked. Find me when you are in need of sympathy or a large pair of ears to listen. Know me for my compassion to help those who are pure in their intentions and know me for my anger when I find intentions impure. Laugh with me as I trick you into removing your own obstacles, for if you cannot laugh at your own folly, your load will never lighten. Remember to seek me daily, for I believe in the importance of the journey to the message and not just the message itself. Be open to my methods and you will find your innermost desire despite yourself.

Follow my lessons and I will change your world from within you. Laugh, love and live loudly with me and enjoy this existence with the gifts given to you.  Just remember the elephant hears very well and forgets very little.”

Once again pretty cut and dry. Now let’s look at one a bit more complicated. This is from Teaching Witchcraft.

The Charge of the Dark Goddess

Wisdom and empowerment are the gifts of the dark Goddess of Transformation. She is known to us as Kali, Hecate, Cerridwen, Lilith, Persephone, Fata, Margana, Ereshkigal, Arianhrod, Durga, Inanna, Tiamat, and by a million, million other names:

Hear me child, and know me for who I am. I have been with you since you were born, and I will stay with you until you return to me at the final dusk. I am the passionate and seductive lover who inspires the poet to dream. I am the one who called to you at the end of your journey. After the day is done, my children find their blessed rest in my embrace. I am the womb from which all things are born. I am the shadowy, still tomb; all things must come to me and bare their breast to die and be reborn to the whole. I am the sorceress that will not be rule, the weaver of time, the teacher of mysteries. I snip the threads that bring my children home to me. I slit the throats of the cruel and drink the blood of the heartless. Swallow your fear and come to me, and you will discover true beauty, strength, and courage. I am the fury which rips the flesh form injustice. I am the glowing forge that transforms your inner demons into tools of power. Open yourself to my embrace and overcome. I am the glinting sword that protects you form harm. I am the crucible in the which all the aspects of yourself merge together in a rainbow of union. I am the velvet depths of the night sky, the swirling mists of midnight, shrouded in mystery. I am the chrysalis in which you will face that which terrifies you and from which you will blossom forth, vibrant and renewed.

Seek me at the crossroads, and you shall be transformed, for once you look upon my face, there is no return. I am the fire that kisses the shackles away. I am the cauldron in which all opposites grow to know each other in truth. I am the web which connects all things. I am the healer of all wounds, the warrior who rights all wrongs in their time. I make the weak strong. I make the arrogant humble. I raise up the oppressed and empower the disenfranchised. I am justice tempered with mercy. Most importantly, child, I am you. I am part of you, and I am within you. Seek me within and without, and you will be strong. Know me.

“Venture into the darkness so that you make awaken to balance illumination, and wholeness. Take my love with you everywhere and find the power within to be who you wish.”

This one is a bit more complicated, but you can make yours as simple or complex as you wish. It’s more about what feels right to you.

This one is a bit more complicated. However, you may find that your style is completely different.

Tips For Writing Charges

  1. Do your research. This is where you’re going to get the bulk of your info. I have invested a in few books that link the Gods to similar Gods with the same “office” or duties, but you can find a lot of info on the web.
  2. When you research realize that you might see a few pages that disagree. Go with the connections that make the most sense to you. For example, I have seen Aphrodite linked to Freya, but I see Aphrodite as more linked to lust than all aspects of love. If you read her stories, you’ll notice that none of them really involve true love, nor is she connected to families while Freya is considered lust, love, fertility, patron of children, etc. Or another Norse to Greek example is Odin to either Zeus or Mercury. Some people think Zeus makes more since as he was king of the Gods and others find Mercury to make more sense due to some of the things he presided over. Make your own best judgement call, there really isn’t a right or a wrong and I doubt one of them is going to strike you down with lightning.

Disclaimer Joke: If ever struck by lightning please review God and Goddess connections that you have made. You may have angered one.

  1. Don’t try too hard. Let it come to you. If you find yourself stuck, take a break and come back to it later.
  2. When all else fails look at what others have done to find inspiration. Don’t plagiarize, but look at examples. I keep my class book with all my notes and the charges next to me while I write my own charges.
  3. Relax and let yourself be divinely inspired.

Whether or not you use a charge in your own rituals, I hope that I have at least better defined and explained them.

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