Lessons from Babes

My little one is almost nine months. She stood all by herself then tumbled and fell. Of course, she then proceeded to cry and I had to soothe my savage little tiger. But it got me thinking and made me realize two things.
First, that life is so precious. It is to be cherished. You’re thinking, well duh lady. Life is always precious and i know that. However, sometimes I feel that this is a lesson children teach us and then we push aside. So many times we are too busy thinking of what could go wrong with our child that we forget to cherish what does go well or as planned.
Second, that we have to cherish the moments, those small things. Once again, I know this is a bit of a duh moment, but it’s nice to get a reminder of what’s important amid all the stress and bustle of the materialistic world we live in.
My little Freya seems to be teaching me new things everyday, which jus makes me treasure all the time I get to spend with her while I look for work.

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